The Demon Princes

Jack Vance
Year of Publication
When I read it
March 2013 and on
What I thought
4 stars
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Choice Highlights

Your largesse is not of the ‘regal’ variety. The people of Sarkovy respect reckless liberality above all other virtues.
Sabra, on the shore of the north polar sea, was a drab haphazard city with a heterogeneous population whose main goal was to earn sufficient money to go elsewhere.
Her features were big and moist; her hair was short, mouse-brown, crimped and tied with string.
Like Earth, Navarth was old, irresponsible and melancholy, full of a dangerous mirth.
She was either extremely poised or vastly indifferent.
Navarth ordered dinner with enthusiasm and finesse; never had Gersen enjoyed a finer meal: one which made him regret the limits imposed by the capacity of his stomach.